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Ready to Build Your T-Shirt Empire?

Ready to live the life you've been dreaming of?

To really level up your clothing line.

To make it a household name.

The day when you turn on your favorite TV show & the main character is wearing YOUR shirt.

To be scrolling through your Instagram feed & see the biggest stars rockin' your clothes.

To have your line displayed in your favorite store's windows.

Best of all, to open your bank statement & see all of those sales landing in your account!

Now *that* is awesome!!

We know starting a clothing line can be daunting.  

You're probably in 1 of 2 positions:

  1. You have dope ideas for t-shirts, but aren't sure how to get started yet.
  2. You have your designs.  You have your website & some sales.  But how do you make your brand into a household name?

Either way:  we've gotchu.  Whether you're at zero sales & looking for that first $10k.  Or are already at $100k & want to break a million.

We started TEEacher because we wanted to make the journey for you easier than ours ever was. 

The Founders of TEEacher have over $1 BILLION in combined sales.  Yes...over a frickin' billion dollars.

AND are here to share their SECRETS with YOU: marketing, sales, building an Empire.

They want you to have YOUR questions answered.  And *YOUR* best chance at t-shirt success.

Recently, they started seeing *random* people with LESS THAN $100k in t-shirt sales selling courses to "make you rich selling t-shirts".  And thought: "well...that's bullshit".  Let's put together a group where we really, for reals, help entrepreneurs BUILD EMPIRES.

We’re in this for YOU.

Lastly, and maybe most important. Dan & Andrea started their clothing brands from NOTHING.  They didn’t know ANYTHING.  They didn’t know how screen printing worked, how to set up a website, generate sales, get brand exposure, negotiate with printers.  They figured it all out along the way, and SO CAN YOU!

You’ve had dreams about launching and growing your clothing line into an industry juggernaut, and you really CAN do it.

None of the Founders of TEEacher was born with a silver spoon.  They all hustled, and dug in and built.  Just like you’re doing.  AND they know how to do things RIGHT (just like you will).

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Because we gotchu, we'll also send you extra guidance:  The 3 Best Secrets to Grow Your T-Shirt Company, and the ONE mistake we'll NEVER make again.

All of this is info AND the Live Q&A is *free*, and we will be rooting for your success from the sidelines.

Welcome to TEEacher Tribe.




Dan started TapouT with $1500 he had on credit cards.  He didn't know how to build a website, market a brand, get into a store.  Nada.  But he figured it out along the way, and grew TapouT into a massive brand selling hundreds of millions of dollars in t-shirts.

From this success Dan then became a serial entrepreneur releasing TapouT Gyms, TapouT Films, and tons other brands including GripKnife and Billionaire Collectables. 



When Andrea first started out in apparel...she literally didn't even know what a screen print wasShe figured it out quick with  her first clothing company, Anti-Establishment. Which made over $1M in it's 2nd year.

Then she hit the big time: launching Delinquent Distribution which owned the sales rights to chain stores for merch for Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, The Walking Dead, etc.  She sold tens of millions of t-shirts.  She became a serial entrepreneur, and has launched 14 companies including StickerJunkie, YogaJunkie & Power Chick Mafia.


Join us for a LIVE Q&A Webinar

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"In just *one* of the tips from a TEEacher Webinar, we increased our sales to stores by 25%. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best."

Matthew "Griff" Griffin
Co-Founder & CEO, Combat Flip Flops, as seen on Shark Tank