Dan Caldwell: Serial entrepreneur who launched TaopuT in the mid 90's to the industry juggernaut it is today, grossing hundreds of millions in sales. TapouT also has its own line of gyms, supplements, fitness DVDs, and even its own movie studio. A business junkie to his core, Dan also owns a Caldwell & Taylor Realty, Chillz Frozen Yogurt, a chain of supplement stores, tattoo shops, invests in restaurants, tech companies, and is Co-Founder of Mentor Mojo and Lessons.biz.

Andrea Lake: Serial entrepreneur who has founded 14 companies. Her current active companies are StickerJunkie.com, YogaJunkie, Delinquent Distribution (which owned the sales rights to the apparel for the largest video games in the world: Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead etc. She is also known for her deep run on season 5 of The Apprentice. Her biggest love is teaching entrepreneurship, in addition to creating the internet platforms Mentor Mojo and Lessons.biz, she has also guest lectured at universities around the US, including Harvard.